Thursday, March 29, 2007

Next Scheduled Ride

The first ride of the year for the club is coming up this Sunday when the old gang will be riding to the motorcycle swap meet in Red Deer.
Excitement for the upcoming riding year is running rampant within the club as some members are finding it hard to curb their enthusiasm.
Looks like the weather will not be co-operating for the ride so attendance on the bikes may be replaced by the truck.
As I am still the only member of the club, looks like attendance for the ride will be at 100 per cent, a very impressive turn out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Recruitment Drive

The Castor Motorcycle Club was born two years ago at the White Goose restaurant in Castor Alberta.
At present we have one member and are not actively recruiting new members. At the organizational meeting over coffee, which I paid for, there were five prospects including myself who were expressing an interest in joining.
The bulletin sent out encouraged prospective members to ride their bike to the meeting, discuss setting up and organizing a motorcycle club and then end the meeting with a ride. Observing the meeting but not participating was the local plumber, a cowboy and the owner of the restaurant none of whom ride motorcycles. The cowboy did want to know if he could join with his horse substituting for a motorcycle. He was denied entry.
Of all the prospects who attended only myself, Rod, and John actually brought our bikes to that first meeting. Rod had a 500cc Enfield he bought in India, and didn't think he could make that Sundays ride, so John and I did a small ride.
The two bikers who were actively encouraging me to get the club up and running never even showed up themselves.
The first meeting was less than stellar, but undaunted we decided to have another meeting in two weeks when the weather was better. The subsequent meeting had a poorer showing with only two bikes in attendance and fewer prospects. John and I went for a ride to celebrate the new club. No meetings and no members have joined since, and John has moved away.
Thus membership is down to one member, me.
In a town the size of Castor, 932 residents, new prospects for the club are slim.
So now memberships in the Castor Motorcycle Club are being offered thru this blog. The only requirements needed are:

1. You must ride a motorcycle.
2. You must live on earth.

As we are a casual club there will be no meetings to attend, no fees to pay, and no colors to wear. Unfortunately we cannot offer charter memberships, as this is the second offering. If you think you have the right stuff and are straining to become a member, act now as this is a limited one time offer that may never come again.
What you need to do is leave a comment with your first name and type of bike you read and you will be an honorary member of the club. That's it, that's all it takes to become a member of a motorcycle club, you will be the envy of your friends when you flash your own homemade card [if you wish to make one yourself] and tell them you are a member of this exclusive club.
This offer is only available thru this blog in the above mentioned manner and no phone calls, e-mails, or personal requests orally will be accepted.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Have you Hugged your motorcycle lately

Some members do show some strange characteristics at times.

Another Newbie

" Whadda ya mean the club don't meet in the winter time"

This future member showed up early for the meeting and brought a hitch-hiker with him.


" Rebels without a cause"
Future members of the club auditioning for the position of Ride Chairman but got lost so were automatically put into the Chief Cook category.

Prospective Members

Dan and Donna getting ready to check out the saloon.

Exploratory trip to Wayne Alberta last year to check out the Last Chance Saloon, had a beer but not one of their famous buffalo burgers.

New Blog in Town

Castor welcomes you and so does the Castor Motorcycle Club.